Peter Stockland

Peter Stockland is Senior Writer with Cardus, and Editor of Convivium.

Bio last modified April 14th, 2021.
Articles by Peter Stockland
  • Trinity Western Wishes

    Peter Stockland

    Tomorrow, Prime Minister Trudeau offers an unprecedented apology to persecuted members of sexual minorities. On Thursday, Trinity Western University is before the Supreme Court of Canada arguing for its religious freedom. Having previously presented TWU's perspective, Convivium asks lawyers Mark Berlin and Douglas Judson about sexual politics and the law.  

  • Choir

    Peter Stockland

    Photographer Jeff Sheldon conveys the expanse of space that matches what we imagine to be the soaring notes of the choir's holy song. 

  • Religion's Perception Gap

    Peter Stockland with Ray Pennings

    With today's release of the fourth major Angus Reid Institute polls on the state of religion in Canada, Cardus Executive Vice-President Ray Pennings says the biggest identifiable gap is between Canadians' positive lived experiences of faith and their negative perceptions arising from narratives about spiritual belief. 

  • Literary Good News

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium's Publisher Peter Stockland reports on the inaugural Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing Reception and the presentation of $25,000 dollars in prize money to emerging voices in the Canadian literary sphere.

  • Solitude

    Peter Stockland

    Photographer Peter Stockland is struck on his rush hour commute by a figure of stillness and solitude along the canal's edge. 

  • Recovering Civil Encounters

    Peter Stockland

    Peter Stockland examines his colleague Andrew Bennett's compelling testimony to a House of Commons committee, wherein Bennett argued Canadians must let diversity be difference rather than a slippery euphemism for forced homogeneity.

  • When Silence Screams

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland contends the things said during the Rachael Harder debacle were bad enough. Much worse was the thinking revealed by the silence.

  • Democratic Magic

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland visits a municipal election campaign in Montreal to discover small moments of magic in the cards.

  • Privileged Conversation

    Peter Stockland with Andrew Bennett

    North American politics are consumed by new variations on the old debate about privilege, and consequent inequality and oppression. Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland and Andrew Bennett, program director for Cardus Law, sat down in Ottawa’s Moscow Tea Room to hash out the meaning of the words.

  • Trump’s Dangerous Game

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland delivers a sterling defence of sports and citizenship amidst the verbal clash between NFL players and U.S. President Donald Trump.

  • Countdown to the Mitchell Literary Prize

    Peter Stockland with Doug Sikkema

    Judges for the $25,000 Faith in Canada 150 Mitchell Literary Prize have their short list ready to announce today. Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland spoke with contest director Doug Sikkema about what the high quality of the entries means for Canadian literature.

  • Rebel Engagement

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium publisher Peter Stockland knows the media world inside and out – knowledge he uses to dissect the latest bone-shaking controversy involving Ezra Levant and The Rebel, as well as the journalistic response to it.

  • Entering In

    Peter Stockland

    To follow in the footsteps of the faithful who have come before shapes our path to glory. 

  • Dunkirk, The Enemy, And Us

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium asked Calgary scholars, Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe to watch Dunkirk and then talk about its effect on them. Here's what they had to say.

  • Remembered Lamb

    Peter Stockland

    Photographer Peter Stockland encounters a flock of sheep and is prompted to reflection on the risen Lamb. 

  • Gay Pride Meets Jewish Orthodoxy

    Peter Stockland with Daniel Jonas

    As Ottawa heads into one of the last Pride weekends of the summer in Canada, Convivium publisher Peter Stockland interviews Daniel Jonas, an Israeli LGBT activist trying to balance contemporary interpretations of human rights and identity with his devout commitment to the timeless truths of Orthodox Judaism.

  • Summer Sweet

    Peter Stockland

    Today our Convivium Team takes you on a wander through the summer archives of years gone by as Publisher Peter Stockland captures the contradictory reality of our summers. 

  • God Promises More

    Peter Stockland with Wally Buono

    Wally Buono defines success in the Canadian Football League. He is the winningest head coach in league history. He has won five Grey Cups as a coach, two more as a player. But the current head coach, general manager and vice-president of football operations for the B.C. Lions is also a devout Christian who says true success is God changing your heart.