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Andrea Mrozek

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Articles by Andrea Mrozek
  • At The Heart of Health

    Andrea Mrozek

    Cardus Family's Andrea Mrozek sits down with Dr. Sue Johnson, creator of a highly effective strategy for relationship repair called Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy and author of several books, among them Hold Me Tight (2008) and Love Sense (2013), to learn about a cutting-edge approach to emotional relationships and physical well being at the Ottawa Heart Institute. .

  • Web of Lies About Families

    Andrea Mrozek

    Cardus Family Director Andrea Mrozek raises concern over a website that brings people together to co-parent, without being in a relationship or living under the same roof.

  • The Tyrant’s Helpers

    Andrea Mrozek

    Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator, haunts me still. He haunted me during his life. He haunts post-mortem as I read about the injustices he spread. There can be no dispute: Castro ruled Cuba as a tyrant. He murdered and stole and viciously repressed opposition. And he never could have done it alone.

  • Hogwash on the Glass Ceiling

    Andrea Mrozek

    It would be convenient if there were one simple reason why Donald Trump won, wouldn’t it? Some feminists think they have it: Misogyny. Linda Stasi in the New York Daily News  writes: “I firmly believe that this was never a contest of right vs. left. It was always a contest of male vs. female. This was not a triumph for Trump so much as a vote against women.”

  • When Four Good is Too Bad

    Andrea Mrozek

    You may not be aware of Bill 28, but you should be. Ontario’s government is about to airbrush out the terms “mother” and “father” from provincial laws, while also raising the number of legal parents to four. That’s right – four.

  • There's a life at the heart of the matter

    Andrea Mrozek

    Editor's Note: In yesterday's blog about bridging differences, Peter Stockland wrote, "we have the means to speak our particularities honestly, openly and authentically, shorn of euphemisms. We must take advantage of that." In that spirit, we present this editorial by Andrea Mrozek, executive director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada and the founder of


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