Submission Guidelines

  • Submission: Convivium accepts essays, editorial perspectives, and reportage. No fiction, poetry, nor writing related to the promotion of a product.
  • Length: Submissions should be 750 to 1200 words maximum unless otherwise agreed with the editors.
  • Style: Convivium follows Canadian Press style, with Canadian spelling (neighbour, centre, longterm) and punctuation. Punctuation goes inside quote marks in citations (“,” not “ ”,). Dates are standard format (January 1, 2021 not 1 Jan. 2021). Time is given as a.m. or p.m., not o’clock.
  • Format: Please use 12-point Times New Roman or Courier font only. It isn’t necessary to double space, but please leave a space between paragraphs. Text should be left justified. Do not indent paragraphs. Longer quotations or several lines of poetry can be set apart and centred between paragraphs of the main text. Please use italics very sparingly, e.g. for the titles of books and where absolutely necessary to emphasize a specific word. The writer’s name should appear at the top of the article. A one or two sentence biography line should appear at the bottom.
  • Headlines: Convivium supplies its own headlines. Writers’ suggestions are welcome as suggestions. The same applies to the descriptive “dek” below the headline.
  • Photos: Writers are welcome to provide photographs for which they hold the copyright but there is no assurance of use. Please do not embed photographs or other graphics within the submitted text. Provide them in a separate file. 
  • Document type: Only Word.docx files should be used for text submissions. Please do not submit articles as PDFs, scans, Google docs or any other document type. Photographs should be submitted as jpegs.
  • Editing: All accepted work is subject to editing for grammar, spelling, style, taste, legality, and suitability for the Convivium audience. We do not usually return work for pre-publication approval by the writer once it has been edited. Exceptions are made for factual concerns where an editing change risks inadvertent error or where there is special sensitivity about the topic.
  • Copyright: Convivium holds the copyright for published submissions as they appear on in their edited form. Re-publication of work as it substantially appears on requires our permission and a credit. However, writers are free to re-write or substantially re-work their published submissions for publication in a modified form elsewhere.
  • Plagiarism: Don’t. Just don’t. It’s dumb. It’s lazy. It’s despicable. Writers who plagiarise are on their own. We cannot and will not take responsibility for it. Any questions about what constitutes plagiarism will be answered by our editors. Please check before submitting. 

Please note that on occasion, Convivium will publish texts that do not align with the views held by Cardus, the Convivium Team, or its editors. In the spirit of discussion, dialogue, and debate, we ask that readers bear in mind that publication does not necessarily equal endorsement. Thank you for reading along with us. Join the conversation!