Our Story

Convivium means living together. Founded in 2011, Convivium is an online space that brings together citizens of differing convictions and religious confessions to contend for the role of faith in our common life.  Over the years Convivium has fostered rigorous conversation, shared profound stories of faith, and explored some of the most difficult questions of our time.

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Join a community committed to the renewal of Canadian culture. Explore, wrestle, reflect, and ask alongside a diverse community of Canadian thinkers, writers, and professionals who are bound by a common belief of the centrality of faith to common life. Founded by two of Canada’s top religious voices—Peter Stockland and Father Raymond J. de Souza—the Convivium Project stands alone, engaging Canadians who take faith seriously. Receive columns, stories, and interest pieces in real time, right to your inbox. Join us today.

Convivium was born from a conviction that the religious sense is an inextricable part of being human, and therefore that ideals formed from faith traditions are integral to the interplay of ideas in the public square. Its mission has always been to foster faith in common life: the place of faith in the common life of Canadians, and the faith that there is a common life in Canada.

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Fr. Raymond de Souza speaks at the Convivium launch event in Ottawa

Our Publishers

Convivium is published by Cardus, a leading think tank and registered charity. Cardus exists to renew North American social architecture and supports the work of Convivium as it seeks to articulate and protect a place for faithful citizens.

The Convivium project is important and unique, there’s nothing else out there like it—it winsomely presents a broad base of religiosity and intellectual rigour without false or easy compromise. It means a lot to me.
—Dr. Donald Graham

For years, Pope Benedict XVI stressed the fact that FAITH must be accompanied by REASON. Here is, at last, a forum where matters can be discussed in a non-confrontational manner that will invite further intelligent conversations and meaningful dialogues.
—Leslie Michael

What I love about Convivium is its unapologetic unity of arts, politics, science and religion. Instead of adopting a defensive posture, here is a periodical with joyful and confident engagement with culture. Every part of Canadian life is represented – with articles about journalists and philosophers, artists and scientists, politicians and lawyers, ethicists and educators. Here we really do see the intersection of faith and culture in a very exciting way.
—Manya Egerton.