Peter Stockland

Peter Stockland is Senior Writer with Cardus, and Editor of Convivium.

Bio last modified April 14th, 2021.
Articles by Peter Stockland
  • Hope in Wilson-Raybould's Boldness

    Peter Stockland

    The quality of Jody Wilson-Raybould's presence before the justice committee was completely hers. But the system had room for it to happen. The media functioned as it should, as the democratic watchdog. In this, there is hope, writes Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland.

  • A Conundrum of Flowers

    Peter Stockland

    After encountering glimpses of what Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland calls invisible mending on the Montreal Metro, he sees how it illuminates not just the outward world, but the tiniest stitching of our hearts with every detail of what we know is love.

  • Corruption's True Cost

    Peter Stockland

    The SNC-Lavalin scandal is about much more than bad actors on the political stage. It’s a showcase for corruption’s intrusion into the very way we think, argues Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland.

  • Cloudy Ways

    Peter Stockland

    Allegations of political interference in the prosecution of engineering giant SNC-Lavalin cast a shadow over the Trudeau cabinet’s ability to function in solidarity and confidence, argues Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland.

  • Mere Journalism

    Peter Stockland

    The role of history is to remind us that the truth can only emerge from what has come before us. Where we were still matters, writes Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland, if only so we can more truly understand where we are.

  • Patriots and Parliaments

    Peter Stockland

    The New England Patriots won yet another glorious football victory on the 100th anniversary of the first Irish republican parliament being founded. Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland argues the apparent coincidence is providential proof of the power and necessity of great institutions.

  • Face Value

    Peter Stockland

    Gillette has tried to make profits from selling social good. But where marketing and politics mingle, there lies danger, warns Peter Stockland.

  • Last Call for Overhaul

    Peter Stockland

    Legal changes around drinking and driving (supported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving) passed in 2018 criminalize Canadians who've done nothing wrong, say some defence lawyers in Ontario. Convivium publisher Peter Stockland sees this as part of a larger trend of groups that initially come into existence to gain a given end soon end up making their continued existence the reason they continue to exist..

  • Lectio Divina

    Peter Stockland

    What place could, within its very silence, make room for the act of reading and absorbing the divinity of words?

  • Under Superhero Hoods

    Peter Stockland with Travis D. Smith

    In a conversation about his 2018 book Superhero Ethics, author Travis Smith guides Convivium’s Peter Stockland past the classical, Biblical and liberal-democratic sources of comic book characters, ending up at the existential chasm in the immortal words of Bruce Springsteen: “Hey, what else can we do now?”

  • Not Alone

    Peter Stockland

    God being only and lonely is confounding to the point of terrifying, and at the same time comforting to the core of our being, writes Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland. From His eternal knowing of loneliness, He reaches across and through creation to touch and comfort each of our lonely hearts.

  • The Aftermath of Genocide

    Peter Stockland

    On International Human Rights Day, survivors of histories and geographies torn apart by crimes against humanity used a Parliament Hill panel discussion to etch a path of repentance, repair, reconciliation and renewal. Convivium’s Peter Stockland reports.

  • Home at the Library

    Peter Stockland

    Today, Peter Stockland writes a letter to his past self, and extends his gratitude to the people whose words lined the library he liked to call home. These minds shaped him, and lead him to keep asking the questions that keep him coming home to wonder.

  • Beneath the Summer Jobs Controversy

    Peter Stockland

    Promised changes to the embattled summer student employment program won't resolve the deep divide separating Canadians of faith from the Liberal government's “true believers” in radical secular autonomy, Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett tells Convivium’s Peter Stockland.

  • Prizes for Poets

    Peter Stockland with Doug Sikkema

    The Mitchell literary prize is ramping up to receive poems eligible for a $20,000 first prize. Doug Sikkema, managing editor of Comment magazine, talks to Peter Stockland about partnering with Image Journal to host the prize, and why faith-based poetry must become central to Canadian letters.

  • Data to Put Your Faith In

    Peter Stockland

    Cardus executive vice-president Ray Pennings has spent a lot of time speaking about the data around the role of faith in public life. But, says Pennings, data doesn't exist for itself. Today, Peter Stockland reports on Pennings' recent presentation in Montreal as a shining example of how data lets institutions and society adjust to new realities.

  • Facing What Facebook Feeds Us

    Peter Stockland

    With Ottawa set to bailout Canadian newspapers, and even the advertising industry alarmed by the media havoc Facebook has caused, Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland argues we should all look in the mirror for the culprits.

  • Flagging False Comparisons

    Peter Stockland

    This past weekend, John Carpay made an unfortunate connection between the rainbow flag and Nazi and Communist symbols. This week, Peter Stockland explores the meaning of dialogue, and what we stand to lose when we don’t stop to listen.

  • Late To Find Love

    Peter Stockland with Peter Jon Mitchell

    Senior researcher Peter Jon Mitchell talks with Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland about a Cardus Family study released yesterday showing a steep decline in young Canadians tying the knot or even living together.

  • A Flare for Science and Faith

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium’s Peter Stockland dropped by the Canadian Science and Policy Conference in Ottawa today where Cardus’ Program Director Milton Friesen diplomatically called on scientists and faith leaders to work together for the public common good.

  • Uber or Later

    Peter Stockland

    The Ottawa Senators are in for awkward times after team members mocked their coach in front of the watchful eye of an Uber camera. But the conversation buzzing today is a chance to rethink the ride-hailing services many of us don’t give a second thought, argues Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland.

  • The Writing on the Wall

    Peter Stockland

    The subterranean (and perhaps metaphorical) walls of our cities are teeming with the words of would-be prophets, but we’re being made oblivious by the meaningless. Peter Stockland warns that truth is getting jumbled—right under our noses.

  • Religious, Not Holy

    Peter Stockland

    Patti Smith—the punk poet laureate—identifies Christ as an artist, crafting his ideal of salvation with imagination. Smith’s own art and imagination, writes Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland, is a cry against the modern mania for “God usurped by Goal.”