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Convivium has become one of my regular sources for articles that reflect on the events of the day. The variety of informed-by-faith perspectives on Canadian and world happenings does precisely what the name Convivium suggests, it enlightens our living together as Canadians with a diversity of beliefs. – Don Hutchinson

“Convivium continues to fill in the gaps and showcase the vast array of Canadian religious life and how it serve our common good. It remains indispensable reading, especially for younger Canadians of faith to know they’re far from alone.” – Daniel Bezalel Richardsen

“Convivium’s new digital format provides a wealth of diverse and interesting perspectives. In particular, it’s encouraging to read new writers and young writers, in addition to the sage, steady analysis offered by many long-time contributors.” – Jeff M. Lockert

“Convivium is not just a way but THE way that thinking Christians in Canada and beyond can connect with the ideas that are shaping our culture.” – Janet Buckingham

“In a world that struggles to discern meaning within a cacophony of rage, accusation and implication, Convivium offers an intellectual and literary safe haven for those who seek to preserve the confluence of faith, reason and a rich mastery of writing.” – Peter Menzies