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At Home in Houses of Worship

At Home in Houses of Worship

Cardus Executive VP Ray Pennings breaks down for Convivium’s Peter Stockland new data on the eagerness of Canadians across faith traditions to gather again in their churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples.

Long Form

True Progress Moves Us To God

As Advent foreshadows the Christmas narrative, Peter Copeland and Father Deacon Andrew Bennett write that our end is not in restless secularism but the peace of union with the Father.

Returning to where we began, to find out what ends we seek, what is the story we claim to be a part of?

The secular progressive story is one that is inherently ill-defined. The end, the telos, are goalposts that are constantly changing. Its gaze is s...


Stats of the Week: Your Money, Your Mouth

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