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Submissions welcomed for consideration:

  • Jesus And Humboldt

    Raymond J. de Souza

    Father Raymond de Souza, Convivium’s editor in chief, says a pastor’s unadorned call to Christ was crucial following this week’s horrific bus crash in Saskatchewan.

  • The Ache of Impatient Gardening

    Alastair Sterne

    When Alastair Sterne was sent to plant a new Anglican Network in Canada church in downtown Vancouver, he never dreamed how arid the soil would be. Then the ache in his heart became the joyful hope of trust in God.

Sacred Spaces

Photography is the art of seeing, which can bring the sacred to light and give pause to reflect, to ponder, to pray. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

Heaven Meets Earth

April 17, 2018

As clouds scatter across the sky, viewers are drawn to the density of the landscape and the sheer creative expanse of creation, heaven meeting earth in tumbling abandon. Credit: Christian Joudrey

A Beacon in the Night

April 17, 2018

An old, worn tarpaulin is transformed from within by the presence of a torch. Are our worn frame so too capable of being lit by a Holy Flame? Credit: Bobby Burch

Flickering Flame

April 17, 2018

As the sun banks in the low hills of the wadi, the power of a flickering flame brings old biblical prayers back to the tongues of those it illuminates. Credit: Jeremy Bishop

Voices From the Crowd

Millions of Canadians live their faith through everyday acts. Voices From the Crowd seeks to stitch those stories together. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

Fighting Against Violence

Peter Panter

"I learned my lesson on a warm September evening 10 years ago, and I hope and pray that I will never again raise my hand in anger against another being made in the image of God."

How to Say Welcome

Anika Barlow

Anika Barlow and her neighbour are both sojourners. Her neighbour has taughter her how to say "Welcome" from wherever she stands. 

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