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Submissions welcomed for consideration:

  • Free At Last Once More

    Edward Tingley

    Conservatives and progressives alike require recalling to the Christian origins of Western freedom so they stop treating liberty as the enemy of the Good, Edward Tingley writes.

  • Losing Liberty in Post-Liberal Times

    Edward Tingley

    In the first of two reflections on Canada’s shaken political foundations, Augustine College Dean Edward Tingley argues liberals and conservatives alike have turned against our primary principle of freedom.

  • Le Québec théâtre d’un conflit de symboles

    Andrew Bennett, with Beryl Wajsman, Maxime Huot Couture

    En ce jour de la Fête nationale, mieux connue sous le nom de Fête de la Saint Jean-Baptiste, les Québécois Maxime Huot Couture et Beryl Wajsman font part au révérend Andrew Bennett, directeur de l’Institut sur la liberté religieuse Cardus, de leurs impressions concernant la loi provinciale adoptée il y a un an en vue de déterminer qui peut porter en public des vêtements religieux et selon quelles modalités ils peuvent être portés.

News & Views

  • Curing Our Moral Virus of Loneliness

    Keith Dow

    As Prime Minister Trudeau urges Canadians abroad to come home and his cabinet ministers press to reduce the size of permissible gatherings, Convivium contributor Keith Dow encourages us to be aware of the needs of our neighbours. 

  • Canada Loses When Church Going Declines

    John Longhurst

    Canadians who shrug off the loss of organized religion need to be made aware of the vital role churches and other faith-based institutions play in our national life, writes Convivium contributor John Longhurst.

Sacred Spaces

Photography is the art of seeing, which can bring the sacred to light and give pause to reflect, to ponder, to pray. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

To Be Human

The hand of the artist dips the paintbrush in and out of paint with patience and ease.


The water droplets are as ephemeral as one's glance towards them.

This is Home

A cup of something deliciously warm to my side, I wrap my toes under the blanket as I listen to the soundtrack of the world happening outside my window.

Voices From the Crowd

Millions of Canadians live their faith through everyday acts. Voices From the Crowd seeks to stitch those stories together. Submissions welcomed for consideration:

Stopping Fear, Spreading Hope

Nolan Toscano

Fear may seem as prevalent as the COVID-19 virus during this difficult time. But trusting that good can come from that which we can’t control might be the hopeful antidote we need, writes Nolan Toscano.

The Myths of Starting Over

Jacob Sims

When we travel and separate from our historical baggage and community, we reach a radical moment to start over, writes Jacob Sims. But we do not start from square one.

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