Peter Stockland

Peter Stockland is Senior Writer with Cardus, and Editor of Convivium.

Bio last modified April 14th, 2021.
Articles by Peter Stockland
  • Springing the Debt Trap

    Peter Stockland with Brian Dijkema

    This week, Cardus Work and Economics gave municipalities in Ontario data-driven advice about handling new powers over the debt trap that is the payday loan industry. Convivium’s Peter Stockland spoke with program director Brian Dijkema about helping cities help the working poor.

  • Fool's Gold?

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland finds in this week’s International Golden Rule Day a reminder that alluring dross has become the substitute for Christian culture.

  • Speaking Out Makes Us Citizens

    Peter Stockland

    There’s much more at stake in the Canada Summer Jobs fiasco than student employment. There’s nothing less than the freedom of citizens to speak and oppose, writes Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland.

  • Letting Up On Religious Freedom?

    Peter Stockland

    Conservative MPs took one as a team fighting the government’s “values test” in the Canada Summer Jobs debacle. Then the Tories seemed to forget why continuing the fight still matters, writes Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland.

  • To Tell the Truth

    Peter Stockland

    This week’s legal decision over telling children about the Easter Bunny may seem like mere whimsy. In reality, Convivium’s Peter Stockland writes, it’s about barring the State from forcing us to lie.

  • This Budget’s For You

    Peter Stockland

    Finance Minister Bill Morneau handed down a 2018 budget today that spends billions in new money Canada doesn’t have, and raises the national debt to almost $700 billion. But no worries, writes Convivium’s Peter Stockland. It’s also got a gendered analysis.  And it puts people first.

  • Last Post For The Daily Bugle

    Peter Stockland

    Tomorrow’s federal budget will reportedly hand millions in tax subsidies to Canada’s newspaper companies. Convivium’s Peter Stockland contends that will be the day their music dies.

  • The Shared Space of Faith And Science

    Peter Stockland with Milton Friesen

    Milton Friesen, program director of Cardus Social Cities, will deliver a lecture this evening at McMaster University’s Divinity College on Religion And Science: Conspiring Together For God. As Milton tells Convivium’s Peter Stockland, he intends it as a catalyst to a much broader and deeper conversation about the institutional responsibilities of faith and science in Canada’s common life.

  • Unmarried With Children

    Peter Stockland, with Andrea Mrozek, Peter Jon Mitchell

    Cardus Family has unearthed a startling new statistic: fewer than two-thirds of Canadian children now have married parents. Program director Andrea Mrozek and senior researcher Peter Jon Mitchell tell Convivium how they discovered the number, and what it means for Canadian family life.

  • Trial Promises

    Peter Stockland

    Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has been criticized for intervening in the manslaughter trial of a Saskatchewan farmer. Convivium’s Peter Stockland argues the real damage will come if  judicial reforms she’s promising have already been rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada.

  • When People Kind of Laugh

    Peter Stockland

    Prime Minister Trudeau says his “peoplekind” clanger was only a dumb joke. The problem for the PM is that no one laughed. And then everyone did. 

  • Who Ever Expected?

    Peter Stockland

    As the federal government digs in its heels on rule changes in the suddenly controversial Canada Summer Jobs program, a pro-life group is counting the benefits of being excluded.

  • Trudeau Versus Trudeau

    Peter Stockland

    In an interview this week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about his insistence on proper conduct between the sexes on Parliament Hill and, by extension, among Canadians generally. Peter Stockland examines what it means for a son to grapple with what his father catalyzed.

  • Onside Against Job Program Changes

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium’s Peter Stockland learns why a major Christian evangelical group and a gay rights network are both denouncing the “ideological silencing” behind changes to a federal student employment initiative

  • Here Comes the 24/7 Classroom

    Peter Stockland

    Once primarily a tradition of older students helping young students having academic difficulties, tutoring has exploded into a billion dollar profession in Canada. Estimates show a third of Canadian parents will turn to tutoring for their children. In cross-country conversation with educational experts, Convivium's Peter Stockland explores how the change might alter our very concept of schooling.

  • A Hand Out For God

    Peter Stockland

    Next week, the campus evangelical group Catholic Christian Outreach begins a cross-country veneration of bones from Saint Francis Xavier. Convivium’s Peter Stockland asks CCO co-founder Angèle Regnier why.

  • Bonjour-Hi

    Peter Stockland

    A government push to stop Quebec businesses from politely using a French-English greeting for customers is more than just another example of the province's language wars. Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland argues the move interferes with Quebec's social architecture.

  • Legal Minds Collide Over Trinity Western University

    Peter Stockland

    The fate of Trinity Western University’s proposed law school now lies in the hands of nine Supreme Court of Canada justices. As Convivium publisher Peter Stockland explains, the justices will render their decision in the wake of a clash between paradoxical arguments.