Religious Freedom

  • Bidding Loyola a Long Goodbye

    Peter Stockland

    Paul Donovan’s retirement as president of Montreal’s Loyola High School ends his 39-year association with the historic Catholic institution, which included a major religious freedom victory in the Supreme Court. Peter Stockland reports.

  • Le Québec théâtre d’un conflit de symboles

    Andrew Bennett, with Beryl Wajsman, Maxime Huot Couture

    En ce jour de la Fête nationale, mieux connue sous le nom de Fête de la Saint Jean-Baptiste, les Québécois Maxime Huot Couture et Beryl Wajsman font part au révérend Andrew Bennett, directeur de l’Institut sur la liberté religieuse Cardus, de leurs impressions concernant la loi provinciale adoptée il y a un an en vue de déterminer qui peut porter en public des vêtements religieux et selon quelles modalités ils peuvent être portés.

  • Moving MAiD

    Peter Stockland

    A recent set of public demands by Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying lobby raise serious concerns, reports Convivium's Peter Stockland.

  • School Ruling Good for the Spirit

    David Hunt

    A Saskatchewan Court decision upholding religious freedom and pluralism for parents and students shines a light in gloomy times, writes Cardus Education Director David Hunt.  

  • Love Your Neighbour: Stay Home

    Mathew Block

    Churches keeping their doors firmly closed to prevent COVID-19 in their congregations is an act of obedience and love for one another, contends Mathew Block.

  • Too Soon To Despair For Andrew Scheer

    Rebecca Darwent

    Convivium’s Rebecca Darwent argues that, attacks from his political and media enemies withstanding, Canadians haven’t rejected the federal Conservative leader because of his religious faith.

  • Bringing Back Debate

    Peter Stockland

    As a very tight federal election race kicks off today, we look to the importance of democracy and debate in a time of political cynicism.

  • Canada At Its Best

    Rabbi Reuven Bulka

    Rabbi Reuven Bulka praises the integrity and wisdom of all sides in a legal bid to accommodate a Jewish candidate’s religious convictions by changing the federal election date.

  • Building Beyond Bill 21

    Peter Stockland

    Quebec’s law banning public displays of religious symbols has affronted advocates of religious freedom across Canada. But Convivium’s Peter Stockland reports on plans by Montreal Catholics to turn the secularist tide and create strong communities of faith.

  • A Case for Religious Freedom

    Ray Pennings

    Canadians, including journalists, have forgotten how vitally connected religious freedom is to other constitutionally-protected freedoms, writes Ray Pennings, executive vice-president at Cardus.

  • Association Not Discrimination

    Albertos Polizogopoulos

    A B.C. faith-based school’s dismissal of a teacher for sexual conduct contrary to its standards is neither shocking nor discriminatory, notes Ottawa constitutional lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos. In fact, he says, it’s protected by Charter of Rights rulings that date back to 1984.  

  • God's in His Heaven and All Right With A Joke

    Ray Pennings

    Now is the ideal time for non-religious Canadians to lighten up around discussions of faith, says Cardus Executive Vice-President Ray Pennings, citing polling data showing religious Canadians are happy to debate their beliefs in good humour.

  • Our Country, Our Gospel

    Raymond J. de Souza

    At a prayer breakfast today in Markham, Ontario, Convivium’s Father Raymond de Souza serves a reminder that Canadian Christians should be as proud to share the Christian Gospel as they are to be Canadians. The reason, de Souza says, isn’t triumphalism but the pure joy of speaking God’s Word.

  • Trinity Western Gives Reason To Believe

    Albertos Polizogopoulos

    TWU’s abandonment of its mandatory Community Covenant following a Supreme Court loss in June is a serious blow – but nowhere close to the end of the battle for religious freedom in Canada, writes Ottawa lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos.