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Tim McCauley

Fr. Tim McCauley was raised in New Brunswick and received into the Catholic Church in 1995. Ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Ottawa in 2002, he has previously served as pastor of St. Margaret Mary's and Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Ottawa. He now serves as Chaplain at Carleton University and is in residence at Saint Patrick Basilica in Ottawa. While labouring in his little corner of the Lord's vineyard, or in his spare time, he enjoys contemplating the beauty of truth and the truth of beauty.

Bio last modified April 30th, 2018.
Articles by Tim McCauley
  • The End of the Summer of Love

    Tim McCauley

    Father Tim McCauley considers the 50 years since the great hippie upheaval of 1967 and finds a paradox: that generation’s lust for power has given way to a new counterculture of Christian love.

  • The Might of Modesty

    Tim McCauley

    Father Tim McCauley reflects on questions of human dignity and respect as prompted by ever changing "summer fashions." Do you have a stance, opinion, perspective, or experience that relates to the conversation surrounding modesty? Add your voice to the conversation.  

  • Making Time For Time

    Tim McCauley

    Convivium contributor Father Tim McCauley reflects on the necessity of creating space to enjoy the passing of time and the discipline that must be cultivated in carving out time for rest, the sacredness of contemplation, love, and worship. 

  • Cathedrals of Time

    Tim McCauley

    As Christians and Jews journey through Holy Week and Passover, Father Tim McCauley finds Montreal’s St. Joseph’s Oratory a place of worship, yes, but even more the embodiment of time God gives for our rest and renewal.

  • Revenge Is Sour

    Tim McCauley

    Father Tim McCauley points readers towards the necessity of recovering an approach towards politics which prizes perspective over personality. 

  • Between Power Or Love

    Tim McCauley

    Writer, Tim McCauley comments on the importance of our heart's response to suffering, and gives Convivium readers a perspective on the debate over "mercy killing."

  • Looking in the Devil's Lies

    Tim McCauley

    In his review of Father Robert Wild's Jousting with the Devil: Chesterton's Battle with the Father of Lies, Father Tim McCauley finds the means to bring the reality of Beelzebub back into civilized conversation.

  • The Oxygen of Hope

    Tim McCauley

    Contrary to the lyrics of the ancient Pink Floyd song, we need to breathe in more than just air, says Father Tim McCauley


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