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Daniel Proussalidis

Daniel Proussalidis is Director of Communications at Cardus. Daniel came to Cardus following a 16-year career in journalism. Starting off as a cottage country traffic reporter at a Barrie, Ontario radio station, he worked his way up to national news reporting at major media outlets. He has worked as a Sun Media parliamentary correspondent in Ottawa, and later, as news director for Sun News Network’s national newsroom in Toronto. Read More ›

Articles by Daniel Proussalidis
  • Fitting Faith In Common Life

    Daniel Proussalidis

    Following the Convivium Launch Party in the Cardus Ottawa office, Daniel Proussalidis shares how, throughout the evening, the four panelists with different perspectives and backgrounds concluded that faith does indeed have a place in the common life of Canadians.

  • Including Us Out

    Daniel Proussalidis

    Noting that “not all faith traditions have holidays in December, and not everyone identifies with a particular faith tradition,” Kessler suggests employers avoid even putting on “holiday” parties. Holiday, you see, implies a religious tradition – something that won’t do in our enlightened times.


In a secular age, there is a push to strip the public square of all signs of faith. But freedom of religion and freedom of expression are the bare basics for a people to call themselves free. Convivium is a voice for the rightful role of faith and for people of faith in our pluralistic society.

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