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Religious Freedom

  • Our Country, Our Gospel

    Raymond J. de Souza

    At a prayer breakfast today in Markham, Ontario, Convivium’s Father Raymond de Souza serves a reminder that Canadian Christians should be as proud to share the Christian Gospel as they are to be Canadians. The reason, de Souza says, isn’t triumphalism but the pure joy of speaking God’s Word.

  • Trinity Western Gives Reason To Believe

    Albertos Polizogopoulos

    TWU’s abandonment of its mandatory Community Covenant following a Supreme Court loss in June is a serious blow – but nowhere close to the end of the battle for religious freedom in Canada, writes Ottawa lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos.

  • An Attack On All

    Ryan N.S. Topping

    The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn itself and rule against Trinity Western University was more than just a defeat for the Evangelical Christian school. It attacked the very idea of community, writes Convivium contributor Ryan Topping.

  • Judicial Idiosyncrasy

    Barry Bussey

    Lawyer Barry Bussey, who argued as an intervenor in the Trinity Western University hearings last winter, says Canadians must demand their legislatures protect religious freedom from a Supreme Court that seems to have lost its way.

  • The Charter Circle Game

    Raymond J. de Souza

    Some argue the Supreme Court left the Charter a wreck and a tangle with last week’s Trinity Western decision. But our Editor in Chief Father Raymond de Souza has a former Justice tell him it’s all part of making equality Canada’s concentric centre.

  • A Wall Between Church and Court

    Janet Epp Buckingham

    Convivium contributor Janet Epp Buckingham explains this week’s unusual Wall case in which the Supreme Court said judges have no business telling churches how to decide who belongs. It’s a positive outcome for religious freedom, she says, though less far-reaching than other anticipated rulings will be.

  • Religion, Freedom, Citizenship

    Peter Stockland with Andrew Bennett

    In early May, Cardus hosted launch events in Ottawa for its Religious Freedom Institute. Father Deacon Andrew Bennett, CRFI’s director, spoke with Convivium's Peter Stockland about the kickoff and what’s to come for the new institute.

  • Justin's Pipe Smoke

    Don Hutchinson

    Prime Minister Trudeau must clear the air with Canadians about his government funding anti-pipeline activists while at the same time violating religious freedoms by denying church charities summer job funding, writes Convivium contributor Don Hutchinson.

  • The Law Society of Orwell

    Albertos Polizogopoulos

    Ottawa lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos is saying “no” to the Law Society of Ontario’s demand for a written statement of principles obliging lawyers in the province to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. Here’s why.

  • Son Set On The Charter?

    Brian Bird

    With the Canada Summer Jobs controversy as evidence, B.C. lawyer and PhD candidate in law, Brian Bird, sees Justin Trudeau distorting his father’s cherished Charter of Rights to justify State erosion of basic freedoms. After reading this article, check out Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett's take on these issues on CTV News Channel's Power Play with Don Martin.

  • Onside Against Job Program Changes

    Peter Stockland

    Convivium’s Peter Stockland learns why a major Christian evangelical group and a gay rights network are both denouncing the “ideological silencing” behind changes to a federal student employment initiative

  • Speaking Grace To Political Power

    Don Hutchinson

    As Oprah urges us to speak truth to power, a Canadian Coptic bishop teaches us to speak with powerful grace by correcting Justin Trudeau's mockery of Christians, Don Hutchinson writes

  • Religious Freedom Month

    Janet Epp Buckingham

    Today, we release the third piece in our series of Policy Options articles that have emerged as a response to our Spirited Citizenship: Care, Conflict, and Virtue round table in Ottawa last month, convened in partnership with the Angus Reid Institute to mark Canada’s Sesquicentennial. 

  • Faith Under Fire

    Peter Stockland

     Trinity Western University has had the first of its two days in court over its multi-year struggle to open a law school. Convivium publisher Peter Stockland recounts how the lawyer for the private, Christian school withstood a barrage of skeptical questions from Supreme Court of Canada justices.

  • Trinity’s Fight For Religious Freedom

    Bob Kuhn

    On Nov. 30, Trinity Western University will argue in the Supreme Court of Canada for its right to operate a law school from evangelical Christian principles. Recently, the school’s President Bob Kuhn advised a Commons’ committee studying Islamophobia to look at the systemic discrimination suffered by TWU if they want to see anti-religious bigotry in action.

  • Three Risks For Freedom

    Janet Epp Buckingham

    Dead French intellectuals, explosive growth of social media, and busybodies obsessed with “feelings” all put traditional liberties at risk, Janet Epp Buckingham recently told the Parliamentary Forum on Canadian Freedoms

  • Joining Forces Against C-51

    Leaders of Canada's faith communities have come together to demand the Liberal government change legislation they say assaults Canadians and international protections for religious freedom

  • One Hate Crime Is Too Many

    Shimon Koffler Fogel

    Convivium has previously published testimony to the House of Commons Heritage Committee on M-103, a motion to address religious intolerance and racism. Today, we present remarks to the committee from Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, who cautions Canada’s reputation as a welcoming land hangs in the balance between rooting out genuine hatred and leaving free space to criticize religious ideologies.

  • Enriched By Difference

    Andrew Bennett

    The following is the testimony that Cardus Senior Fellow Andrew Bennett delivered this afternoon before the Standing Committee of the House of Commons on Canadian Heritage as it studies Motion-103 on combating Islamophobia.

  • Bowed

    Hayley Lockrem

    Photographer Hayley Lockrem captures men in prayer, a posture common to those across time, space, and tradition.