• The Art of the Home

    Brittany Beacham

    Homemaking is setting up our homes to be places that are restful, where we can be refueled and renewed. Hospitality is inviting others into that, writes Brittany Beacham.  

  • Trying to Find a Place in This World

    Haley Welch

    In the last seven years, Convivium contributor Haley Welch has moved many times: to new neighbourhoods, new provinces, and new countries. To move on (or away) is not equivalent to editing out the reality of that place from her story, she writes.

  • Hiraeth, Home

    Gideon Strauss

    For a time, Gideon Strauss led such a peripatetic existence that he jokingly referred to airline rows and seat numbers as his address. Now home is Canada. And South Africa. And the annual voyage between.

  • Home at the Library

    Peter Stockland

    Today, Peter Stockland writes a letter to his past self, and extends his gratitude to the people whose words lined the library he liked to call home. These minds shaped him, and lead him to keep asking the questions that keep him coming home to wonder.

  • Finding Home

    Valerie Michailovich

    Between Russia, Israel, the USA, and Canada, each place Convivium contributor Valerie Michailovich has called home has given her something distinct. Rather than a place of stability or a foundation, which many associate with the concept of home, Michailovich sees it as a place where one learns, grows and builds.