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Brittany Beacham

A graduate of Columbia Bible College, Brittany has a background in Intercultural Studies, and is a strong advocate of the global church. Brittany and her husband Kenny live in Abbotsford, British Columbia, where they serve together as leaders in their local church, seek to honour God by working hard, and pressing into how his Kingdom is breaking into their world. Brittany currently works as a freelance writer and in her spare time, Brittany loves to read, is an avid baker and chef, and finds a voice in music and writing. Her website is:

Bio last modified October 4th, 2017.
Articles by Brittany Beacham
  • The Real Zeal Deal

    Brittany Beacham

    Convivium regular contributor Brittany Beacham cautions that while a rush of zealous feeling can accomplish much in the world, real zeal is always governed by God.

  • Maggie's Pancakes

    Brittany Beacham

    "On any given Sunday, you can walk into the kitchen of our church and see an enthusiastic red-head running a team of pancake flipping, toast buttering volunteers with more efficiency than an experienced army general could ever hope to attain. Well, you could. But I suppose that's getting ahead of myself."

  • God With Us

    Brittany Beacham

    With the very advent of Christmas upon us, Brittany Beacham gives Convivium readers this irresistible reflection written from the pure-hearted beauty that is the full meaning of Christian faith.

  • Faith Over Fear

    Brittany Beacham

    Fear, that chronic illness of the human condition, is best overcome by trust in God, Brittany Beacham writes. But, she counsels, keep an extra Winnie the Pooh nightlight handy just in case.

  • Called Up By Silence

    Brittany Beacham

    Whether in silent retreat or simply by stopping in the world’s business to listen for God’s voice, Convivium contributor Brittany Beacham writes, we can learn to follow as He beckons us forward.

  • A Future of 10,000 Villages

    Brittany Beacham

    Convivium contributor Brittany Beacham treats readers to the welcoming aroma of Mennonite deep fried raisin donuts as she explores the annual MCC Sale in Abbotsford B.C. The Anabaptist heartland is changing radically, she writes, but the hospitable heart will always bridge yesterday and tomorrow.

  • Lament For Salvation

    Brittany Beacham

    In the heart of Jerusalem on a brutally hot day, Brittany Beacham encounters renewal of the ancient Scriptural practice of lament when God’s love is felt not through modern Happy Face smiles, but in the most painful moments of human experience.


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