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Haley Welch

Haley Welch is the Data Officer for Cardus. Before joining Cardus, she worked with International Teams Canada, focusing her administrative and analytic skills on building up transformational development programs around the world. Haley completed her B.A. at McGill University, graduating with a Joint Honours in History and International Development Studies with a Minor in Hispanic Languages, and holds a M.A. in History from Queen’s University. She loves learning, traveling, and reading, and can often be found reading inscriptions on historical monuments or visiting a coffee shop.

Bio last modified August 2nd, 2019.
Articles by Haley Welch
  • Homecoming and Heritage

    Haley Welch

    At first glance, North Buxton appears to be a typical town in rural Ontario: a semi-abandoned main thoroughfare, a few side streets, scattered houses, and fields. But, writes Convivium contributor Haley Welch, North Buxton is more than that. It is imbued with a deep history beyond its distinctive founding and the intimacy expected in rural communities.