Peter Jon Mitchell

Peter Jon Mitchell is the Program Director for Cardus Family.

Bio last modified May 7th, 2021.
Articles by Peter Jon Mitchell
  • More Money for Canadians With Kids

    Peter Jon Mitchell

    The Canada Child Benefit program is popular and offers families choice, but does have its flaws, reports Peter Jon Mitchell. They won’t be so noticeable this week, he notes, as payments to parents go up.

  • Cultivating A Culture of Fatherhood

    Peter Jon Mitchell

    Involvement in faith communities helps support and encourage healthy fatherhood and family life, writes Cardus Family program director Peter Jon Mitchell. And our culture's veering away from these spaces is a risk. 

  • Why It Pays to Volunteer

    Peter Jon Mitchell

    Peter Jon Mitchell, acting Program Director of Cardus Family, writes that while no one disputes the personal and social benefits of paid employment, National Volunteer Week is a time to remind ourselves of the significant contribution from those who labour for love of neighbour.

  • Saying "I Do" Does Matter

    Peter Jon Mitchell

    Peter Jon Mitchell, acting director of think tank Cardus’ family program, reports on new global and Canadian data showing marriage brings significantly higher family life satisfaction than does cohabiting.

  • Late To Find Love

    Peter Stockland with Peter Jon Mitchell

    Senior researcher Peter Jon Mitchell talks with Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland about a Cardus Family study released yesterday showing a steep decline in young Canadians tying the knot or even living together.

  • The Graying Of Cohabitation

    Peter Stockland with Peter Jon Mitchell

    Senior Researcher Peter Jon Mitchell talks with Convivium about a new report from Cardus Family on data showing a doubling of the number of middle-aged Canadians choosing to cohabitate rather than marry. There are risks, Mitchell says, for the couples and for society.

  • Speaking Up for Marriage

    Peter Jon Mitchell and Andrea Mrozek

    New poll numbers show more than half of Canadians no longer believe marriage is necessary. But as Cardus Family’s Peter Jon Mitchell and Andrea Mrozek point out, leading Canadian voices backed by impeccable social science research are debunking that destructive myth.

  • Unmarried With Children

    Peter Stockland, with Andrea Mrozek, Peter Jon Mitchell

    Cardus Family has unearthed a startling new statistic: fewer than two-thirds of Canadian children now have married parents. Program director Andrea Mrozek and senior researcher Peter Jon Mitchell tell Convivium how they discovered the number, and what it means for Canadian family life.

  • Forgetting To Always Remember

    Peter Jon Mitchell

    Cardus Senior Researcher Peter Jon Mitchell reflects on modern western society's discomfort with death and grief and the role that memory, faith, and religious communities can serve in the experience of public mourning.