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Naomi Biesheuvel

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Bio last modified April 10th, 2014.
Articles by Naomi Biesheuvel
  • The Cost of Driving

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    I did something today that I didn’t think I’d ever do: I got a learner’s permit. I’ve been steadfast for nearly 20 years in my views that driving is overrated and overpriced, so those who know me well are pretty surprised that I’m taking steps to get behind the wheel. But those who don’t are mostly astonished when I say that I’ve never driven a car.

  • Stolen Sisters

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    I’ve been climbing up 500 stairs that lead from downtown Hamilton to the top of the Niagara escarpment for the last year. This, the longest climb along the mountain brow, has become familiar routine. But one day in May, as I reached the bottom of the stairs, I noticed something unusual. A different woman’s name was written on each of the steps.

  • Looking at the End of Life Differently

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    Views on how and when medical measures to extend life should be taken may differ widely in Canada, but we can all agree that our systems around end-of-life care could be improved in Canada. According to research in "Death Is Natural," a report released by Cardus yesterday, 73 percent of Canadians look toward their final days with a sense of fear that their needs will not be adequately met.

  • The Argument for Argument

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    It’s difficult, these days, to separate anger from disagreement, but William D. Gairdner is convinced that it’s not only possible, but critical. I chatted with him about his newest book at a recent Cardus event.

  • Are Private School Students Just Privileged?

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    StatsCan released a report on Tuesday which says that the reason for the higher performance overall of private school students has much more to do with their socioeconomic status than with the schools themselves. I asked Cardus Education's program director, Beth Green, about these findings.

  • Total Victory?

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    Canada’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday in favour of Montreal’s Loyola High School, finding the Quebec government violated the Jesuit institution's Charter-protected freedom of religion. “It’s a total victory for the school, for parents and for the [education] ministry because it upholds the full society’s value,” said John Zucchi, an appellant in the case and father of a former Loyola student.

  • On the Table

    Naomi Biesheuvel with Robert Joustra, Dan Postma, Ray Pennings

    We're renovating these pages in 2015 to open them up to you, our readers. Each month, we'll send out a question via our weekly emails, Twitter account (@conviviumproj) and our Facebook page ( The next step is up to you: we want to hear your opinions about the topics we're discussing in these pages.

  • Transparency for the Common Good

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." This cliché is often splashed across social media feeds, encouraging the faithful to take a stand for what is right. But a defensive attitude can also encourage believers to invoke religious liberty on its own merit.

  • Thinking With Your Hands

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    "It is a kind of progress when you no longer have to mess around with dipsticks and dirty rags," Matthew Crawford stated at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Ontario, last month, "but I also want to just notice that there is a kind of moral education that is tacit in material culture ... so I want to speak up for the skilled manual trades, and suggest that's a life worth choosing."

  • New Cardus Education Survey to be released

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    The newest collection of U.S. data for the esteemed Cardus Education Survey will be released next week. The release will take place at the CUNY Institute for Education Policy at Roosevelt House, New York, New York, from 5:30-7:45pm on September 10, 2014. The event will feature Cardus's Ray Pennings, along with Sean Corcoran of New York University; Kathy Jamil, founder of Islamic School's League of America; and Ashley Berner of the CUNY Institute for Education Policy.

  • Don't Kill the Messenger

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    I've seen some controversy online recently surrounding the poignant but overly dramatic "Look Up" video that appeared on YouTube a few weeks ago and now has close to 36 million views. The video beseeches viewers to start looking up from their handheld devices, to get outside, to meet strangers. It vilifies social media and technology and declares that if your nose is in your laptop, you'll miss out on "real life." .

  • Trading Up: Women and the New Industrial Revolution

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    Let me humbly attempt to say something on behalf of women. Yeah, we can do anything. We know. Our second-wave feminist mothers showed us that. But somehow, the third wave hasn't washed over society powerfully enough to supplement the current female role models, which remain—perhaps more than ever—overwhelmingly pretty, pink, perky homemakers. And the trends begin in childhood.

  • Cardus Daily's Greatest Hits of 2013 - Part 1

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    As a holiday treat, we've put together a list of some of our most popular blog posts from this year. Enjoy! 10. In February, Peter Stockland interviewed Anne Leahy, Canada's former ambassador to the Holy See, about Pope Benedict XVI's resignation.

  • Allies or Enemies? I don't buy it

    Naomi Biesheuvel

    Many years ago, when I was president of a Christian student club at a secular school, a young man came through the door. He had a smattering of thoughtful questions for the group of friends in the room, but I could tell that something bigger was on his mind, so the two of us headed to the coffee shop for a heart-to-heart.


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