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Dan Postma

Dan Postma is the Director of Operations for Cardus, where he has served since 2005. Dan loves "making things happen." Dan is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and also earned a Bachelor of Arts (English) degree from Redeemer University College. Read More ›

Bio last modified June 9th, 2017.
Articles by Dan Postma
  • The Cardus Travelling Circus

    Dan Postma

    "How and where ideas have consequence is as much a matter of who uses them, as what they say." —Michael Van Pelt and Robert Joustra, in Comment (2008) Sure, sure. Cardus believes cities can be much better than they are now. We believe a more cooperative labour environment would seriously raise the dignity and fairness of our workplaces. We think private education is good for everyone.

  • I Heard Some Horrible Things Today

    Dan Postma

    I heard some horrible things today. "Mothers have a sense for these things, you know. They just know." And she was right, the sonographer. As I asked, "What? What does that mean?", my wife already had her hands over her face.

  • Maranatha--Come, O Lord

    Dan Postma

    As Cardus dives head-long into its biggest-ever project, the Cardus Education Survey, I seem to be in a stage in my own life where my big question about Christian education is: did it delay my awareness of the world's real brokenness?


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