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Deani Van Pelt

Senior Fellow at Cardus, Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute, and former Director of Teacher Education at Redeemer University College.

Bio last modified February 7th, 2018.
Articles by Deani Van Pelt
  • Of Earth and Son

    Deani Van Pelt

    Deani Van Pelt keeps close to her the constant reminder that the words on her son's tombstone – words from the gospel, words of faith – would not be there without the support of the community who helped raise her son into a devoted follower of Christ.

  • Habits of Heart and Mind

    Deani Van Pelt

    Self-regulation, said Pennings, is foundational to ethics—a deep-seated inner moral compass. But as to how that self-direction is achieved, we are told more about what won't work than on what will. "Following the rules" is not enough to build trust, as Mark Carney argued. Neither is an ethics course or two enough to build moral character.


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