Sacred Spaces

  • Elfin Lakes

    Alida Thomas

    In the midst of noise: calm. In the midst of frenzy: space. In the midst of ambition and movement and work: rest. 

  • To the Table

    The importance of breaking bread is common to almost every faith tradition. Can we see the sacred in the midst of the table? 

  • Light

    Peter Stockland

    Shadow, mystery, illumination, and communion are encapsulated in photographer Sasin Tipchai's capture. 

  • Young Nun in Prayer

    Peter Stockland

    It has been said that we are never more ourselves than when we are deep in prayer. Tusita Studio provides the viewer of a glimpse of this deeply human moment of divine intercession. 

  • Softly Lit Synagogue

    Peter Stockland

    Bathed in afternoon light, this capture of a softly lit synagogue moves the viewer towards a sense of unity as found in arches created with a spirit of holy intention. 

  • Curving Highway

    Peter Stockland

    Questions of movement, journey, and destination are all evoked in Alejandro Gonzalez's photograph of a highway curving into the distance. 

  • Instant of Reflection

    Peter Stockland

    Examine the role of reflection, silence, prayer and place in Joshua Jackson’s photograph of a young man caught at an instant of quiet. 

  • Solitude

    Peter Stockland

    Join us in being prompted to a sense of awe in the possibility for intimacy that solitude holds as inspired by David Marcu’s photograph of a single human being atop an outcropping in a Romanian forest. 

  • Come

    Conor Sweetman

    Photographer Conor Sweetman prompts the viewer to reflect on Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artists in April of 1999.

  • Awe

    Conor Sweetman

    Photographer Conor Sweetman captures a sweep of architectural space created entirely for worship of the divine. 

  • City Streets

    Conor Sweetman

    Sacred Spaces contributor Conor Sweetman captures yet another shot of sacred stillness as encapsulated in city streets.

  • Earth and Sky

    Dave Andrews

    Photographer Dave Andrews captures a moment of stillness, the meeting of pavement and earth, of man and nature.