Sacred Spaces

  • Geometry

    Ruth Dick

    Geometry and symmetry are found in the holy spin of street dancers. A photo by Ottawa Photographer, Ruth Dick.

  • Transcending Connection

    Ruth Dick

    Many moments of transcendence are found in the every day. Ottawa photographer Ruth Dick pays homage to a transcendent connection on the streets of Montreal with her camera lens. 

  • Time's Passage

    Peter Stockland

    The cycle of creation is made manifest in the details of an old motor vehicle gradually being subsumed into the earth. 

  • Kaddish

    Judy Csillag

    Judy Csillag shares a photograph taken by her brother Ron with Convivium viewers and reveals how a place of deep suffering can become holy ground.

  • A Great Gift

    Linda Couture

    Photographer Linda Couture leads the viewer through a contemplation of silence and the sunset. 

  • Oh Canada

    Dave Andrews

    Photographer Dave Andrews brings the people of Carp together to mark Canada Day in the beauty of the Canadian landscape. 

  • A Dream I Had

    Dave Andrews

    Photographer Dave Andrews shares a shot, as envisioned in a dream he had back in the middle of Canadian winter, to celebrate Canada in the middle of an open field. 

  • Clarity

    Peter Stockland

    Photographer Peter Stockland takes Sacred Spaces viewers behind the scenes, encouraging them to view the world with the clarity of a child once again. 

  • Side By Side

    Hayley Lockrem

    Photographer Hayley Lockrem captures the essence of Canadian communities of faith, standing side by side, facing the future in faith and friendship. 

  • Dawn

    Linda Couture

    Photographer Linda Couture reveals the beauty of dawn in its promise of new beginning and the surprise of colour that awaits all those willing to seek it. 

  • New Life

    Jaydene Freund

    New life often serves as the moment when the veil between heaven and earth appears to be lifted, hope made possible in the form of an immeasurable gift - a child. 

  • Barren Grace

    Laura Brandt

    Photographer Laura Brandt's capture of the craggy landscape of Iceland, the viewer is prompted to ask, "Where does the essence of ordinary grace unfold?"

  • A Way

    Photographer Annie Spratt's expansive photograph invites the viewer to consider the intersections of time and space. 

  • Well Watered Garden

    Light, dappled goodness, prayer, would we continue to seek to see goodness in the land of the living. 

  • Rising

    Linda Couture

    Photographer Linda Couture's piece inspires the viewer with a sense of awe and heavenly reverence as the scale of the structure reminds us of our need to always, always, rise. 

  • Be Not Afraid

    Linda Couture

    There are so few spaces here on earth in which we realize that we cannot be afraid. In those places particularly, the presence of God is palpable. 

  • Witness

    Chris Rowe, Liana Esau

    Chris Rowe's profound image serves as a visual backdrop to poet Liana Esau's reflections on prayer, death, listening, and love.