• Shadows and Light on Palliative Care

    Peter Stockland

    Rapid expansion of Medical Aid in Dying and forced closure of a Vancouver-area hospice have raised alarm among palliative care providers. But Peter Stockland finds vital positive signs, too.

  • Why Not a Notwithstanding Pause for MAiD?

    Don Hutchinson

    Don Hutchinson argues the Trudeau government should consider the Constitution’s Section 33 opt out rather than rush to pass expanded medically assisted dying legislation under a court-imposed deadline.

  • Addressing Canada’s MAiD Concerns

    Ray Pennings

    Medically assisted death advocates inside and outside Parliament are gung-ho to expand it. But Cardus’ Ray Pennings says national poll numbers show Canadians want MPs to curb their enthusiasm.

  • Adieu to a Larger-Than-Life Priest

    Alan Hustak

    Alan Hustak reports on the death and contrarian life of Montreal’s Father John Walsh, who began serving the Church as an altar boy while also a member of a street gang.

  • MAiD to be Vulnerable

    Peter Stockland

    Laval University bioethicist Cory Labrecque argues the debate over medically assisted death ignores the reality we all face risk just by being human, Peter Stockland reports.

  • The Human Face of Health Care

    Timothy deVries

    Through the painful season of his wife’s death, Timothy deVries saw past caricatures of faceless health systems to recognize the rich culture of care surrounding patients, families and medical professionals.

  • Live and Let Die

    Peter Stockland

    In light of MAiD changes, disabled Canadians say they’re being offered free choice to die, but no choice in where and how they live. Others wonder how the bill squares with the Supreme Court’s legal definition of consent, Peter Stockland reports.

  • The Aftermath of Genocide

    Peter Stockland

    On International Human Rights Day, survivors of histories and geographies torn apart by crimes against humanity used a Parliament Hill panel discussion to etch a path of repentance, repair, reconciliation and renewal. Convivium’s Peter Stockland reports.

  • Suicide by Media

    Timothy Lau and Natasha Fernandes

    On Tuesday, published Peter Menzies’ plea for journalists to stop hurting journalism with reckless opinion-mongering. Today, Dr. Natasha Fernandes and Dr. Timothy Lau cite even more grievous media malfeasance: romanticized reporting of euthanasia spreading the contagion of suicide.

  • MAiD and Modern Medicine

    Peter Stockland

    Two years ago, on June 1, 2016, federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould was escorted to her seat in front of Canada’s Senate to explain her government's rationale for Bill C-14, a legislative concoction with a name from a high school chemistry class and the full power to transform Canadian society forever.

  • Renewing End-of-Life Care

    Doug Sikkema

    There’s a growing need for more and better end-of-life care in Canada – especially as our population ages. But how does the national picture affect our local communities? Cardus Senior Researcher Doug Sikkema and Ottawa policy analyst Marisa Casagrande have analyzed two of Ontario’s larger communities to get a better idea of what challenges the health system will face, and what all parts of society need to bring to the table to meet them..

  • The Kingdom In A War Zone

    Hannah Marazzi with Emily Way

    Canadian nurse Emily Way recently returned from Iraq where she worked in a Samaritan’s Purse field hospital near the besieged city of Mosul. She discussed with Convivium’s Hannah Marazzi the impact on faith of treating the wounded and fallen in one of the world’s most brutal war zones.

  • Forgetting To Always Remember

    Peter Jon Mitchell

    Cardus Senior Researcher Peter Jon Mitchell reflects on modern western society's discomfort with death and grief and the role that memory, faith, and religious communities can serve in the experience of public mourning. 

  • Suffering For Life

    Raymond J. de Souza

    Editor in Chief of Convivum Father Raymond J. de Souza reports on the National March for Life that will take place in Ottawa today touching on the meaning of suffering and the importance of upholding the sanctity of life. 

  • Witness

    Chris Rowe, Liana Esau

    Chris Rowe's profound image serves as a visual backdrop to poet Liana Esau's reflections on prayer, death, listening, and love.

  • Who Are We?

    Raymond J. de Souza

    Editor in Chief Father Raymond J de Souza delivers a moving reflection on the mosque murder that occurred earlier this week in Quebec City and examines the corresponding themes of solidarity and identity this tragedy asks us to consider.