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Hannah Marazzi

A graduate of Trinity Western University and the Laurentian Leadership Centre, Hannah Marazzi comes to Cardus with a strong background in communications, event planning, and program development. Having recently completed a position with March of the Living and the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights, Hannah brings a belief in the power of story and community collaboration to each team of which she is a part. She is an active part of her community and looks forward to joining Cardus as they continue to "enrich and challenge public debate through research, events, and publications, for the common good."

Bio last modified July 17th, 2018.
Articles by Hannah Marazzi
  • Faith in the Present Tense

    Hannah Marazzi

    Compelled by the depth of simultaneous faith and suffering articulated in Kate Bowler’s Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved, reader Hannah Marazzi emerges challenged to examine the complex intersections of suffering and faithfulness, trusting, and questioning.

  • Trusting Waters

    Hannah Marazzi

    Life lived on and by the water, a holy place of sorts. Is not water the space in which we are most continually asked to trust?

  • The Watched Waterway

    Hannah Marazzi

    Worn rock lapped thin by years of canal murmurings. Brightly coloured dilapidated building keeps watch along the waterway, with shutters for eyes and laundry lines for their instrument of measurement they bear silent witness to the life than unfolds each day along this waterway commute.

  • Murmur in the Desert

    Hannah Marazzi

    What does this expanse murmur to me? What does it say of God? What does it say of belonging in an wasteland? What does it say of formation in the face of the desert wind?

  • Moonrise

    Hannah Marazzi

    The moon rises over Your kingdom, well orbed and full, dusty and yet beaming bright.

  • Pentecost

    Hannah Marazzi

    The marsh and sky both look as though they are on fire. Is this what the first flame of the Holy Spirit looked like when it came to the disciples in a small dark room?

  • Subway Suspension

    Hannah Marazzi

    The tiled roof of the old subway station gleams in the late afternoon sun. This station has been the centre of our small European village for as long as I can remember.

  • An Angle Entirely New

    Hannah Marazzi

    Lines, obtuse, angled, harsh, specific reach every which way. A concrete jungle, I thought bitterly, wishing not for the first time for the rolling hills of my hometown so very far away at this moment.

  • On the Wind

    Hannah Marazzi

    Can we learned from the winged creatures in our midst, attentive to the merest breeze? Do we too possess the same stillness with which to sense the movements of the Spirit?  

  • Downward Tree Tops

    Hannah Marazzi

    If we were birds, we would see trees as we often imagine God sees the world, down from above on the creation that grows up to give us places of sanctuary and rest.

  • Give Thanks

    Hannah Marazzi

    In the early morning light, wonder is present within creation, each serving as a conduit of a particular, natural grace.

  • Why Do We Scale the Mountaintops?

    Hannah Marazzi

    Have you ever scaled a mountain or even a small hill? What is it about the process of ascent? Are we following an intrinsic desire set forth by the desert fathers or our first fathers even, to seek His face?

  • Heaven Meets Earth

    Hannah Marazzi

    As clouds scatter across the sky, viewers are drawn to the density of the landscape and the sheer creative expanse of creation, heaven meeting earth in tumbling abandon.

  • A Beacon in the Night

    Hannah Marazzi

    An old, worn tarpaulin is transformed from within by the presence of a torch. Are our worn frame so too capable of being lit by a Holy Flame?

  • Flickering Flame

    Hannah Marazzi

    As the sun banks in the low hills of the wadi, the power of a flickering flame brings old biblical prayers back to the tongues of those it illuminates.

  • Raw Christianity

    Greg Musselman and Hannah Marazzi

    After 15 years with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada, former sportscaster Greg Musselman has travelled to more than 50 countries where Christianity is persecuted but also, he tells Convivium’s Hannah Marazzi, purified and renewed in the raw choice of loving Christ.

  • In His Service

    Hannah Marazzi

    As a Cardinal and an altar server, each devoted to serving the Church  in their distinct role, proceed up the aisle of the church, we are reminded of Christ’s call to serve and love the church, together.

  • The Gospel Spell of Godspell

    Hannah Marazzi with Jonathan Harris

    With a new production of Godspell about to open in Ottawa just before Easter, Convivium’s Hannah Marazzi talks to artistic director Jonathan Harris about what makes a 48-year-old play about 2000 year old Scriptures such captivating theatre for today’s audiences.


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