Rabbi Reuven Bulka

Dr. Bulka has served as Rabbi of the Congregation Machzikei Hadas in Ottawa, Ontario since 1967, and is presently Rabbi Emeritus. He was the host of the weekly Radio call-in program Sunday Night with Rabbi Bulka (CFRA) since 1994 and a regular columnist in The Ottawa Citizen’s Ask the Religion Experts feature since 1995.

Bio last modified October 28th, 2019.
Articles by Rabbi Reuven Bulka
  • When Law Makes Room for Reality

    Rabbi Reuven Bulka

    Horrendous violent attacks make these seem perilous times for religious believers, but as Rabbi Reuven Bulka recently told a Cardus Religious Freedom Institute conference, the intersection of Canadian and Jewish Halachic law is often an example of unbelievably good news.

  • Better News for Canadian Jews

    Rabbi Reuven Bulka

    As Passover arrives, an Environics survey shows Canada’s Jewish community is faring much better than its U.S. counterpart in number of ways. But as Ottawa’s Rabbi Reuven Bulka cautions, doing better doesn’t automatically mean doing well.

  • Do 11 Good Things

    Hannah Marazzi with Rabbi Reuven Bulka

    Rabbi Reuven Bulka, prolific writer, communicator and leader in the Jewish community, talks to Convivium’s Hannah Marazzi about the impact of the Pittsburgh synagogue murders and how to honour the 11 people killed at prayer.