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John Zucchi

John Zucchi is a professor in the Department of History and Classical Studies at McGill University. He is a Senior Editor with McGill-Queen's University Press and General Editor of McGill-Queen's Studies in Ethnic History. Zucchi is the National Coordinator in Canada of the international Catholic movement, Communion and Liberation.

Articles by John Zucchi
  • A Canadian Home in Rome

    John Zucchi

    The Canadian Pontifical College in Rome celebrates its 125th anniversary. McGill historian John Zucchi delves into the details of its daily life.

  • The Light of Faith: Faith and Friendship

    John Zucchi

    There is a telling passage in Lumen Fidei that gives us a clue as to not only how we need to live our faith but also how we must read this document. The Holy Father points to Saint John's distinction between "believing" Jesus and "believing in" Jesus. We "believe" Jesus when we accept His word, His testimony, because He is truthful.

  • Teach Your Children Well

    John Zucchi

    It is not enough to teach our children about faith, says John Zucchi. We need to teach them to search for meaning in every action.

  • Standing Up To Power

    John Zucchi

    When Quebec politicians are assaulting religious freedom in private schools, daycares and even private assemblies it's time to get off our knees.


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