Jessica Walters

Jessica Walters is the co-founder of Vigil, a magazine that celebrates the liturgical seasons. She lives in Langley, B.C. In her spare time she reads, gardens, and plays the violin poorly.

Bio last updated April 30th, 2018.

Jessica Walters

Articles by Jessica Walters

  • Celebrating Ordinary Time

    Jessica Walters, co-founder of  the magazine Vigil, brings us a beautiful reflection on the marking of Ordinary Time as a part of our Cross Canada Convivium series. 

    While I cannot speak to culture as a whole, I know that when I view time as a means of constant growth, whether spiritually or financially, I see every opportunity as a chance for self-betterment When I view my life through the lens of an agricultural metaphor, I see that I am guided by routine and ...