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Daniel Bezalel Richardsen

Daniel Bezalel Richardsen is an advisory member of the Millennial Network of Faith in Canada 150 and is an altar server at the Ordinariate Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ottawa. Daniel is the founder and editor of Foment, the literary journal of the Ottawa International Writers Festival; a Global Shaper and the Vice-Curator with the World Economic Forum's Ottawa Hub; and is a Prize Advisor to The Ross and Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing.

Bio last modified July 6th, 2017.
Articles by Daniel Bezalel Richardsen
  • Religious Hatred's Blood Borders

    Daniel Bezalel Richardsen

    In reading Rabbi Jonathan’s Sacks’ Not in God’s Name, Daniel Bezalel Richardsen discovers that the only way out of the cycle of global religious violence is through textual understanding tempered by lived reality.

  • Something Beautiful for God

    Daniel Bezalel Richardsen

    In Randy Boyagoda's new biography of First Things founder Father Richard John Neuhaus, reviewer Daniel Bezalel Richardsen finds a fitting tribute to one who spent his days pondering the follies of the world and the Church while turning out 10,000 words for his monthly magazine

  • What Manner of Man is the Prophet?

    Daniel Bezalel Richardsen

    Ross Douthat was the much-touted guest speaker at Cardus’ Hill Family Lecture in Ottawa on Friday. His prominence is especially noteworthy given his relative youth coupled with his perch on the prominent platform of the New York Times as an op-ed columnist.


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