Christoph Sanz

Christoph Sanz is a full-time farmer, part-time aspiring chacuterer, and all-the-time lover of poetry, chickens, and large tables full of food and fellowship.

Bio last updated April 30th, 2018.

Christoph  Sanz

Articles by Christoph Sanz

  • Spring Forward: Meet Your Limits.

    In this beautiful reflection, Convivium contributor Christoph Sanz says Lent’s somber gift is discovering our limitations before they find us.

    Much like the seeds we are now planting in seed trays in our greenhouse, the season of Lent is the Holy Spirit’s invitation for us to let our hopes fall to the ground and die, where they can be sanctified in the baptism of repentance and brought back to life infused with the power of Christ’s resurr...