Anna Farrow

Anna Farrow is Executive Director of the English Speaking Catholic Council, a lay organization which acts as a coordinating forum for English-speaking Catholics in Quebec. She is married, has five children, and is an active parishioner of Corpus Christi Parish in Senneville, QC.

Bio last updated July 28th, 2021.

Anna  Farrow

Articles by Anna Farrow

  • Debating Rod Dreher

    Earlier this month, Convivium featured a review by John O’Brien, S.J. of Rod Dreher’s disputatious new book The Benedict Option. Today, readers respond both to O'Brien's piece and the conversation that Dreher has opened within the contemporary faith community. 

    But O’Brien, she says, gets it right when he corrects Dreher’s error in relying on only one saint – Saint Benedict – rather than on the communion of saints that is essential to the faith of all Creedal Christians O'Brien helpfully reminds us that Benedictine monasticism itself had varying relationsh...