Aaron Neil

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business where he studied Management and Economics. He has also studied liberal arts at Ottawa’s Augustine College. Aaron enjoys debate, reading philosophy, and spending time with family.

Bio last modified March 3rd, 2020.
Articles by Aaron Neil
  • Putting the Human Back in Dignity

    Rebecca Darwent, with Andrew Bennett, Aaron Neil

    In a just-released paper, the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute seeks to kickstart a Canada-wide conversation on the real meaning of human dignity. CRFI’s Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett and researcher Aaron Neil talked with Convivium’s Rebecca Darwent about why it’s urgently needed.

  • Faith For Our Future

    Peter Stockland, with Aaron Neil, Andrew Bennett

    Last week, Cardus Religious Freedom Institute launched its newest project, Faith in the Future. Convivium's Peter Stockland sits down with program director Andrew Bennett and researcher Aaron Neil to discuss the team's aspirations and plans as it kicks off.

  • Freedom Beyond Choice

    Aaron Neil

    The political left and right both advocate for free choice as society’s ultimate good. Doing so, argues Cardus Researcher Aaron Neil, neglects the imperative of choosing the highest good that is God.  

  • What Brent McCamon Said

    Janice Fiamengo, Christina Lamb, Sydney Harker, Aaron Neil

    In late March, Ottawa writer and researcher Brent McCamon wrote sceptically on Convivium.ca about protestors who tried to prevent University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson from speaking at the National Gallery of Canada. The activists wanted Peterson “de-platformed” because of his opposition to State-mandated use of transgender positive pronouns. McCamon, in “Wherefore Art Thou Peterson,” argued the academic advent of so-called “intersectionality theory” is spreading incoherence outward from Canadian university campuses.