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Kevin Vickers' Road to Forgiveness Kevin Vickers' Road to Forgiveness

Kevin Vickers' Road to Forgiveness

Watch former Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers' full speech from our Faith in Canada 150 launch. He tells us about how lessons learned in childhood led him on a road to forgiveness after the October 2014 shootings in Parliament.

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Kevin Vickers' Road to Forgiveness March 18, 2016  |  By Kevin Vickers
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The following is the speech Kevin Vickers gave in November of 2015 during the launch of Faith in Canada 150 at the CBC Headquarters in Toronto. While his story is quite unique, it’s also quite familiar to many Canadians of faith who seek to live out of their deepest beliefs and convictions every day. Although most of us only know of Kevin Vickers because of his heroic actions during the tragic events that befell the Canadian Parliament in 2014, much of Kevin’s earliest life is marked by the profound habit-shaping formation that gave him the resources to not only act, but seek forgiveness, when his character was put to an ultimate test.

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