• Barren Grace

    Laura Brandt

    Photographer Laura Brandt's capture of the craggy landscape of Iceland, the viewer is prompted to ask, "Where does the essence of ordinary grace unfold?"

  • A Way

    Photographer Annie Spratt's expansive photograph invites the viewer to consider the intersections of time and space. 

  • Well Watered Garden

    Light, dappled goodness, prayer, would we continue to seek to see goodness in the land of the living. 

  • Rising

    Linda Couture

    Photographer Linda Couture's piece inspires the viewer with a sense of awe and heavenly reverence as the scale of the structure reminds us of our need to always, always, rise. 

  • Be Not Afraid

    Linda Couture

    There are so few spaces here on earth in which we realize that we cannot be afraid. In those places particularly, the presence of God is palpable. 

  • Witness

    Chris Rowe, Liana Esau

    Chris Rowe's profound image serves as a visual backdrop to poet Liana Esau's reflections on prayer, death, listening, and love.

  • Elfin Lakes

    Alida Thomas

    In the midst of noise: calm. In the midst of frenzy: space. In the midst of ambition and movement and work: rest. 

  • To the Table

    The importance of breaking bread is common to almost every faith tradition. Can we see the sacred in the midst of the table? 

  • Light

    Peter Stockland

    Shadow, mystery, illumination, and communion are encapsulated in photographer Sasin Tipchai's capture. 

  • Young Nun in Prayer

    Peter Stockland

    It has been said that we are never more ourselves than when we are deep in prayer. Tusita Studio provides the viewer of a glimpse of this deeply human moment of divine intercession. 

  • Softly Lit Synagogue

    Peter Stockland

    Bathed in afternoon light, this capture of a softly lit synagogue moves the viewer towards a sense of unity as found in arches created with a spirit of holy intention. 

  • Curving Highway

    Peter Stockland

    Questions of movement, journey, and destination are all evoked in Alejandro Gonzalez's photograph of a highway curving into the distance. 

  • Instant of Reflection

    Peter Stockland

    Examine the role of reflection, silence, prayer and place in Joshua Jackson’s photograph of a young man caught at an instant of quiet. 

  • Solitude

    Peter Stockland

    Join us in being prompted to a sense of awe in the possibility for intimacy that solitude holds as inspired by David Marcu’s photograph of a single human being atop an outcropping in a Romanian forest.