• Big City in Training

    Rebecca Darwent

    Convivium’s Rebecca Darwent finds her old hometown growing up from underground as a brand new light rail commuter train lets Ottawans connect from the far flung ‘burbs almost as if they lived in a real city like Montreal.

  • Following The Yellow Arrows

    Susan Korah

    Eighty-year-old Betty Hope Gittens walked the Camino with a God-given strength and the assurance that He would be with her through every step of the way – a journey she compares to walking the way of God’s will for her life.

  • When The Flood Hits Home

    Rebecca Darwent

    Convivium writer Rebecca Darwent missed the last once-in-a-hundred-year inundation of her Ottawa neighbourhood. Two years later, even worse flooding has taught her the meaning of community.

  • #YourBudget Does You No Favours

    Andrea Mrozek

    The federal budget released this week purports to give women a hand up when in reality it gives men the brush off, contends Cardus Family Program Director Andrea Mrozek.

  • City On A Hill

    Andrew Bennett

    The Cardus Ottawa office stands juxtaposed between the political temples of Parliament Hill and the soup kitchens of Lower Town. In this place where two sides of the city meet, Andrew Bennett sees signs of human dignity in the message of a homeless man.

  • Cheers For Scheer

    David Parker

    Have you been following the long Conservative leadership race? Convivium contributor David Parker reports on the Conservative Convention this past weekend that crowned former Speaker of the House of Commons and longtime Member of Parliament Andrew Scheer new leader of the Official Opposition.

  • Wherefore Art Thou Peterson?

    Brent McCamon

    Brent McCamon recounts a visit to the National Gallery and reflects on how one evening visit to the art gallery became an opportunity to consider free speech and "the Peterson Phenomenon."

  • Fitting Faith In Common Life

    Daniel Proussalidis

    Following the Convivium Launch Party in the Cardus Ottawa office, Daniel Proussalidis shares how, throughout the evening, the four panelists with different perspectives and backgrounds concluded that faith does indeed have a place in the common life of Canadians.

  • Launching Questions

    Raymond J. de Souza

    Editor in Chief Father Raymond J de Souza reflects on the launch of Convivium as an online publication and examines the matter of multiple answers, and questions.

  • Door To Door

    Peter Stockland

    Publisher Peter Stockland reflects on the virtue of common decency and how the act of just holding a door for one another can remind us of what truly matters.