• Irish Eyes on Meghan and Harry

    Peter Stockland

    This might be the best Saint Patrick’s Day to skip the clownish caricatures and ponder the British monarchy from Ireland’s historical perspective, Peter Stockland argues.

  • When A Pope Comes Home

    Susan Korah

    The welcome for Pope Francis on his visit to Iraq was a memorable first step. Now hope must become reality, Susan Korah reports.

  • The Unlawfulness of Lockdown

    James Sikkema

    Contrary to theologian David Hionides, James Sikkema argues no one has a moral obligation to obey COVID-19 lockdown orders and that civilly disobeying them is justified.

  • Cancel That Cancellation

    Peter Stockland

    Desecration of the U.S. Capitol and undermining of North American institutions are both being rebuked by those willing to stand up for reason and sanity, Peter Stockland writes.

  • The Spiritual Connection of Violence

    Robert Joustra

    Robert Joustra writes that last week’s violence at the U.S. Capitol isn’t a phenomenon of lone nutters but the toxicity of radicalized communities persistent even among religious faithful.

  • Great Reset? Or Grand Unravelling?

    Peter Menzies

    Prime Minister Trudeau has mused that COVID-19 will allow for Canadian society to “re-set” on a number of fronts. Peter Menzies says we’ll have to avoid coming apart at the seams first.

  • COVID's Contagion of Disbelief

    Peter Menzies

    Drug companies touting new pandemic vaccines should be causing huzzahs. But Peter Menzies warns septic skepticism in the body politic must also be addressed.

  • Sharing Memory Matters

    Peter Stockland

    Energy wasted defending or toppling statues should instead power a national conversation about what, why and how we collectively commemorate our pluralistic pasts, Peter Stockland writes.

  • Panic’s Power to Distract

    Peter Stockland

    While fears of coronavirus rise to pandemic proportions, Peter Stockland suggests Canadians look to our own land, concerning ourselves instead with Indigenous reconciliation.    

  • The Myths of Starting Over

    Jacob Sims

    When we travel and separate from our historical baggage and community, we reach a radical moment to start over, writes Jacob Sims. But we do not start from square one.

  • Paying Faith News Forward

    Rebecca Darwent

    An innovative approach by Winnipeg journalist John Longhurst engages religious communities in the media by asking them to fund multi-faith coverage, Convivium’s Rebecca Darwent reports.

  • The Cultural Mousetrap of Cats

    Peter Stockland

    The less-than-purrfect Cats movie presents an underlying problem with the way in which our entertainment industry claws at art and replaces it with something in-fur-ior. 

  • Just Do It or Just Let It Be?

    Robin Mercurio

    Citing the example of LeBron James, Robin Mercurio says there are ramifications when a celebrity athlete voices opinions on a specific social, political issue but falls silent on others.

  • The Point of Darkness Around the Light

    Rebecca Darwent

    In the second of her weekly reflections on Advent, Convivium’s Rebecca Darwent notes that even in biology certain flowers need a time of darkness before they flourish. So, spiritually, we need winter’s night in our souls to encounter the blazing light of Christ.

  • Why Turn Our Backs On Cherry?

    David McKernan

    In response to Peter Stockland's defense of Don Cherry's firing, David McKernan wonders if the decision overstepped Canada’s values of inclusivity and politeness.

  • Stitching an Abrahamic Tapestry

    Rebecca Darwent

    During the years he spent knitting together a vast artwork of ecumenism, Kirk Dunn thought he might be wasting his time. Convivium’s Rebecca Darwent writes that what he produced is just what our present time needs.

  • Space For Forgiveness

    Tyler Brooks

    Former hockey coach Bill Peters was under fire after allegations of targeting player Akim Aliu with racial slurs 10 years ago. While the act itself cannot be excused, missing from the conversation is the key element of forgiveness, writes contributor Tyler Brooks.

  • Questioning the Outrage-Apology Cycle

    Peter Stockland

    The routine offense-apology-criticism as a response to issues of political correctness does not answer the deeper problems that could be addressed simply by slowing down and asking key questions, Peter Stockland writes.