Convivium was a project of Cardus 2011‑2022, and is preserved here for archival purposes.

Illumination and Arrival

Photographer Peter Stockland captures a shaft of light that evokes, for him, a sense of anticipation. 

Peter Stockland

Framed so as to position the viewer almost as a member of the Good Friday processional as captured by photographer Peter Stockland. The sense of presence in the photograph is nearly palpable. Notes Stockland, "I was at the front of Montreal's Notre Dame Basilica when people who had been in a Good Friday procession began coming into the church to worship. I was initially attracted by the shaft of light coming through the window from the back. I wanted to try to get it to fall on them, but then my attention was caught by the expanse of empty pews, and I felt the sense of anticipation those pews evoked. The sacred waits patiently suspended between illumination and arrival."

  • Illumination and Arrival