The Value of Skilled Trades in CanadaThe Value of Skilled Trades in Canada

The Value of Skilled Trades in Canada

Peter Stockland on Employment Minister Jason Kenney's message at the Cardus Building Meaning roundtable.

Peter Stockland
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It’s an uncontroversial thing when Employment Minister Jason Kenney says he believes work is a good thing.

Yet it feels like a curiously controversial thing when the minister offers his related belief that employers, trade unions and other non-government actors actually have a responsibility to open doors to work for Canadians.

Perhaps its a measure of our skewed State-citizen relations. Maybe we are just a people sunk deep in the need for blinding statements of the obvious. Whatever the reason, it was clearly the off-message message Kenney felt needed to be delivered in his address yesterday at the Cardus Building Meaning roundtable in Ottawa.

Read more: http://www.cardus.ca/blog/2014/11/the-value-of-skilled-trades-in-canada

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