Katie Maryschuk

Katie was Cardus' communications intern in 2016, working under the guidance of Daniel Proussalidis, Director of Communications. She comes to Ottawa on a four-month program through the Laurentian Leadership Centre. She is originally from Kelowna, BC but is completing her undergraduate degree at Trinity Western University. Beyond the world of writing, design and media, she is an avid runner, an aspiring blogger and has a huge heart to see lives transformed.

Bio last updated July 9th, 2019.

Katie Maryschuk

Articles by Katie Maryschuk

  • Playing in the Fields of the Lord

    How are faith, academics, and athletics all connected? We asked Kim Chapdelaine, assistant track and field coach at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC about that. For Chapdelaine and her family, coaching is intimately tied to seeking God’s kingdom. 

    The impact on them is unbelievable and they don’t have the support of the other athletes, there is no prayer, no study groups, no structure in place where you feel like you can turn to someone for support and understanding that God is central to all of that It is identifying with them, this is why y...