Joe Woodard

Joe Woodard earned a PhD in Political Theory at Claremont, then spent 10 years as an academic (Brock, UCSB, USCCR, Bethany), 15 as a journalist (Alberta Report, Calgary Herald), and 11 as a Canadian federal tribunal judge (EI, Citizenship). He helped his wife Kathy raise their 10 children, many now married (nine grandchildren and counting).

Bio last updated June 17th, 2021.

Joe Woodard

Articles by Joe Woodard

  • The Lost Common Good of Education

    As parents send their kids back to school plagued by the new peril of COVID-19, Joe Woodard argues the real classroom risk remains an outmoded pedagogical revolution that turned education against its true nature.

    For three generations, public education itself had eroded our behavioral norms, artistic tastes and popular pieties, in celebrating the Technocrat as the ascendant cultural archetype The Pedagogy of Community, the commitment to a cultural Common Good and shared virtue, had already been undermined by...