Janice Fiamengo

Janice Fiamengo is Professor of English at the University of Ottawa. She is the author of The Woman's Page: Journalism and Rhetoric in Early Canada (2008), a study of five nineteenth-century female journalists. In addition to many academic articles, she has published extensively on political and educational topics for PJ Media and FrontPage Magazine.

Bio last updated April 30th, 2018.

Janice Fiamengo

Articles by Janice Fiamengo

  • The Hour is Late

    Reviewer Janice Fiamengo finds Andrew Bostom’s Iran’s Final Solution for Israel exhaustively researched…and terrifying  

    In three substantial chapters brimming with quotations, Bostom draws on the Koran and other Islamic texts, as well as on the many bloodthirsty statements of Iranian theologians and political leaders, to show why Iranian promises to wipe out the "cancer" of Israel express a coherent, if malignant and...