Jacob Sims

Jacob works for an anti-trafficking NGO in Southeast Asia. From 2015 to 2020 he led an international development consulting practice and served as adjunct faculty at the College of William & Mary — teaching and guest lecturing in courses on Education, Human Rights, Migration, and Global Health. He previously led humanitarian and human rights reporting programs in northern Myanmar and co-founded a social justice organization in eastern Uganda. Jacob holds a Master's degree from LSE. He is currently preparing to publish his first book, a memoir titled WanderLOST: stories from the winding road to significance.

Bio last updated March 13th, 2020.

Jacob Sims

Articles by Jacob Sims

  • Freedom From Words

    The choice to learn another language, Convivium contributor Jacob Sims contends, is an example of action that can lead us to, and ground us in, the sense of community where genuine human freedom opens to us.

    And, in fact, for this very reason, our culture teaches us to hold our beliefs, communities, relationships, our very identities loosely; to break free from the bonds of our particular circumstances, and to embrace limitless choice as an individual being Once we’ve made that decision, our task is to ...