Brett Fawcett

Brett Fawcett has degrees in theology and education. He has written for the Edmonton Journal, the Western Catholic Reporter, the Prairie Messenger, the Lethbridge Herald, C2C Journal, the Huffington Post, and Grandin Media. He has co-authored a book on pastoral care for persons with schizophrenia, Listening to the Right Voices, and recently published a collection of his writings, Spitting Towards the West: Catholic Ruminations from the Edge of the Autism Spectrum.

Bio last modified June 5th, 2021.
Articles by Brett Fawcett
  • The Sinner and the Sin

    Brett Fawcett

    To bear the spiritual shock of revelations about Jean Vanier, Brett Fawcett suggests, we must remember that the L’Arche founder’s own Christian words condemn his sexual abuses.

  • Grant Us Teachers of Spirit

    Brett Fawcett

    Arguing over funding cuts to modern public education is a race to irrelevancy unless pedagogues see their proper role as being far deeper than ensuring students fit snugly into modern society, argues contributor Brett Fawcett. 

  • Looking Into Space

    Brett Fawcett

    In this second part of a two-part series, Brett Fawcett encourages a glance upwards as a means to finding God in the beyond.

  • Spiritually Preparing for Take-off

    Brett Fawcett

    With the prospect of humankind traveling in outer space and living on other planets, there comes a need for spiritual readiness and strategies, writes Convivium contributor Brett Fawcett. This is the first of a two-part series on the subject. 

  • Here’s Why We Have Separate Schools

    Brett Fawcett

    Separate school systems across Canada aren’t relics from a long-ago time of French-English tensions. They’re the result of moral genius in Constitution making, argues Convivium contributor Brett Fawcett.

  • Magi and Imagination

    Austin Mardon with Brett Fawcett

    In the towering scientific figures of Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, Austin Mardon and Brett Graham Fawcett find the complementary halves of the religious spirit.