Beryl Wajsman

Beryl Wajsman is editor-in-chief of The Suburban Newspaper Group and founder and president of the Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal. He holds two law degrees from McGill University, and has spent over thirty years combining the worlds of politics, community activism and media. He is a regular commentator on Quebec politics and culture. 

Bio last updated June 17th, 2021.

Beryl  Wajsman

Articles by Beryl Wajsman

  • Sounding Out Quebec’s Clash of Symbols

    On today’s Fête Nationale, also known as Fête de la St-Jean-Baptiste, Quebecers Maxime Huot Couture and Beryl Wajsman give Rev. Andrew Bennett, director of the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute, their take on province’s one-year-old law controlling how and by whom religious garb can be worn in public.

    Beryl framed it around the role of religion within the public square and how cultural and religious differences should be accommodated within Quebec culture and Quebec society  Are we seeing in Quebec, and generally within Canada, a contraction of the public square for people of faith to not simply ...