Convivium was a project of Cardus 2011‑2022, and is preserved here for archival purposes.
What's next: June/July issue of ConviviumWhat's next: June/July issue of Convivium

What's next: June/July issue of Convivium

Find out what you've got to look forward to in the upcoming issue

Julia Nethersole
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Here's what you've got to look forward to in the upcoming June/July issue ofConvivium:

  • Did you miss the Cardus-Convivium luncheon with Rex Murphy last March? Don't sweat it, this issue's The Conversation features the text from our convivial exchange with Rex.
  • Shortly before his death, the former finance minister Jim Flaherty sent our editor a heartfelt reflection on his travels to the European battlefields where many young Canadians gave the ultimate sacrifice. Convivium is proud to feature some of the final words written by one of Canada's greatest public servants.
  • Read an excerpt of Janet Epp Buckingham's new book Fighting Over God where she traces the history of religious faith as a public expression of meaning.

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