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What's next: February/March issue of ConviviumWhat's next: February/March issue of Convivium

What's next: February/March issue of Convivium

Find out what's coming up in the next issue of Convivium

Julia Nethersole
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Here's what you've got to look forward to in the upcoming February/March issue of Convivium:

  • Montreal journalist Deb Rankin is back in the pages of Convivium with a piece on the fight against human trafficking. This article features Joy Smith and Maria Mourani, two Christian MP’s who have joined forces – across party lines – to bring light to this important issue.
  • University of Victoria law professor, Mary Anne Waldron discusses the state of religious freedom on campus. Waldron's recently published book Free to Believe: Rethinking Freedom of Conscience and Religion in Canada looks at the protection for freedom of conscience and religion in Canada.
  • On a similar note, you won’t want to miss a thought provoking and provocative article from Cardus' own Naomi Biesheuvel. Having lived in Taiwan for 8 years, Naomi shares her talent and experience with a piece on the suffering of Chinese-Canadian Christians.
  • Lord Conrad Black is back with a sassy bit about why we need to get rid of lawyers. Incidentally, this is adapted from a speech he gave at the Red Mass dinner for the Thomas More Lawyers’ Guild of Toronto

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