Convivium was a project of Cardus 2011‑2022, and is preserved here for archival purposes.
What's next: December/January issue of Convivium What's next: December/January issue of Convivium

What's next: December/January issue of Convivium

Find out what's coming up in the next issue of Convivium.

Julia Nethersole
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Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to in the upcoming December/January issue of Convivium:

  • Psychologist Russ Kosits remembers David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest. He argues that this novel continues to reveal fresh meaning even 5 years after Wallace's suicide.
  • Read an exchange between two friends, Richard Bastien, a Christian, and Alistair Thomson, an atheist. The two men have known each other for more than 30 years and and manage to maintain a friendly relationship based largely on their shared taste for philosophical debates.
  • Cross Country Checkup producer, Anna-Liza Kozma reviews Rod Dreher's journey home memoir.
  • And speaking of Cross Country Checkup, did you know that we are having an event with Rex Murphy in Vancouver this March? More information coming soon!

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