Desiring a Better Country Desiring a Better Country

Desiring a Better Country

Today, we continue our series of Policy Options articles that have emerged as a response to our Spirited Citizenship: Care, Conflict, and Virtue round table in Ottawa last month, convened in partnership with the Angus Reid Institute to mark Canada’s Sesquicentennial. 

Ray Pennings
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(Left to Right: Jennifer Ditchburn, Editor, Policy Options; Ray Pennings, Executive Vice-President, Cardus; Shachi Kurl, Executive Director, Angus Reid Institute.)

“Do religious and faith communities have some role to play in public life? About half of Canadians would agree that they do,” says Cardus executive Vice President Ray Pennings.

“There’s a good chance that bringing religiously inspired perspectives to the public sphere would help create a better country,” says Pennings. Indeed, he contends, “…there is room in a diverse and tolerant nation for voices of faith in the Canadian public square today.” 

(Left to Right: Imam Farhan Iqbal, Baitul Muslim Mosque; Michael Van Pelt, President and CEO, Cardus)

Be sure to read the full article on Policy Options today! 

To read more of Ray’s reflection on the Canadian landscape of faith, read his piece Religion’s Perception Gap here!

(Rita Chahal, Executive Director, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council)

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