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Rebecca Atkinson

Rebecca Atkinson is an Editorial Assistant for Cardus and Convivium. A graduate from Algonquin College’s esteemed Journalism program, Rebecca has transitioned from a natural storyteller to journalism professional. Her byline exists in the Ottawa Business Journal, Community Voice and The Catholic Register, among other places.  Read More ›

Bio last modified September 18th, 2019.
Articles by Rebecca Atkinson
  • His Work of Art

    Rebecca Atkinson

    The wings of the butterfly flutter by, landing every so often to pause and allow those around to wonder at its beauty.

  • Marriage Made Simply Sacred

    Rebecca Atkinson

    Convivium’s Rebecca Atkinson finds comfort that her wedding this spring wasn’t about saying “yes” to the dress. It was about affirming before God a faithful life with her husband-to-be.

  • 50 Years of Missing Stories

    Rebecca Atkinson with Mike Schouten

    Convivium’s Rebecca Atkinson talks to producer Mike Schouten about The Missing Project documentary, which fills in the blanks on the 50 years since Canada’s abortion law was overturned and then abandoned entirely.

  • The Constancy of New Hellos

    Rebecca Atkinson

    Reflecting on the annual rite of school graduation, Convivium’s Rebecca Atkinson discovers that for all its bittersweetness, saying goodbye is a new moment to ensure God remains with us on the journey.

  • Another Look at the Lending Market

    Rebecca Atkinson with Brian Dijkema

    Anticipating next week’s Cardus study on pay day loans, and a vote by the city of Kitchener to regulate the sector, Convivium’s Rebecca Atkinson talks to Cardus Work and Economics Program Director Brian Dijkema about helping low-income Canadians gain fair and equal access to credit.  

  • A Resounding Yes to Life… And Death

    Rebecca Atkinson

    In the premature deaths of two young priests and in the hand-made rosary she carries with her, Convivium’s Rebecca Atkinson finds incarnate reminders to affirm God’s gift of life even at its end.

  • Notre Dame at Noon

    Rebecca Atkinson

    Stopping for midday Mass at Ottawa’s downtown Cathedral, Convivium’s Rebecca Atkinson encounters an impromptu young choir that moves her heart to honour anew Our Lady, Mary, the Mother of God.

  • Unplanned Speaks the Unspeakable

    Rebecca Atkinson

    After a week where she watched a film that takes viewers inside the U.S. abortion industry, then observed the annual March for Life on Parliament Hill, Convivium’s Rebecca Atkinson says Canadians must be allowed to debate the “choice” being made.

  • When The Flood Hits Home

    Rebecca Atkinson

    Convivium writer Rebecca Atkinson missed the last once-in-a-hundred-year inundation of her Ottawa neighbourhood. Two years later, even worse flooding has taught her the meaning of community.