Sean Hedley

Sean Hedley is a government lawyer in Calgary, AB. When he's not in pushing paper or making submissions in court, he's usually with his kids reading books or playing outside.

Bio last updated July 5th, 2021.

Sean   Hedley

Articles by Sean Hedley

  • God Beyond Instagram

    Convivium contributor Josh Nadeau wrote this week of the opening to faith available to digital nomads, who roam the world rooted yet untethered.  Today, Calgary lawyer Sean Hedley brings the complement: faith expanding through culture from a fixed place called home.

    But since then I have learned to engage my mind, my heart and my hands in many other spheres of society, and discovered the richness to be gained from practicing public faith in all dimensions of culture In his book Public Faith, Miroslav Volf writes that the community of believers has fundamentally...