• Just Do It or Just Let It Be?

    Robin Mercurio

    Citing the example of LeBron James, Robin Mercurio says there are ramifications when a celebrity athlete voices opinions on a specific social, political issue but falls silent on others.

  • Why Turn Our Backs On Cherry?

    David McKernan

    In response to Peter Stockland's defense of Don Cherry's firing, David McKernan wonders if the decision overstepped Canada’s values of inclusivity and politeness.

  • Space For Forgiveness

    Tyler Brooks

    Former hockey coach Bill Peters was under fire after allegations of targeting player Akim Aliu with racial slurs 10 years ago. While the act itself cannot be excused, missing from the conversation is the key element of forgiveness, writes contributor Tyler Brooks.

  • Belonging On The Court

    Alida Thomas

    Last night’s improbable NBA championship for the Toronto Raptors was one professional sports team’s triumph. Even more, Alida Thomas writes, it’s a historic moment of shared belonging when Canadians discovered who they want to keep becoming.

  • Patriots and Parliaments

    Peter Stockland

    The New England Patriots won yet another glorious football victory on the 100th anniversary of the first Irish republican parliament being founded. Convivium Publisher Peter Stockland argues the apparent coincidence is providential proof of the power and necessity of great institutions.

  • The One True GOAT

    Raymond J. de Souza

    There are many great pretenders to the title of greatest athlete of all time. But Father Raymond de Souza acknowledges New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady has a commanding claim to being better than all the rest.