• Choir

    Peter Stockland

    Photographer Jeff Sheldon conveys the expanse of space that matches what we imagine to be the soaring notes of the choir's holy song. 

  • Perspective

    Rob Wilson

    Photographer Rob Wilson captures a stunning sunrise view of Artist Point, near Deming Washington. 

  • Leap of Faith

    Rob Wilson

    Photographer Rob Wilson captures the reflection of a mountain peak in a glacial lake, giving the illusion of a floating mountain range. 

  • The Shared Path

    Rob Wilson

    Photographer Rob Wilson plays with leading lines in this image, leading us down a shared path of history and experience.

  • Rain & Imperfection

    Rob Wilson

    Photographer Rob Wilson presents this lakeshore dock as a sacred space even in the pouring rain. 

  • Dusk

    Hannah Martin

    Photographer Hannah Martin captures this fleeting view of the sunlight at dusk in Tofino British Columbia. 

  • A Familiar Tune

    Hannah Martin

    Wedding photographer, Hannah Martin captures this simple response of love from a wife to her husband's song, a tune she knows so well. 

  • Attitude is Everything

    Hannah Martin

    Photographer Hannah Martin photographs her husband Joey on the beach in Tofino, British Columbia. Her image prompts us to consider what posture we might take either before or after attempting the sport of surfing. 

  • A Moment of Rest

    Hannah Martin

    Photographer Hannah Martin invites the Sacred Spaces viewers into a moment of peace by imagining you could sit in these chairs with this view and just be. 

  • Entering In

    Peter Stockland

    To follow in the footsteps of the faithful who have come before shapes our path to glory. 

  • Remembered Lamb

    Peter Stockland

    Photographer Peter Stockland encounters a flock of sheep and is prompted to reflection on the risen Lamb. 

  • Bowed

    Hayley Lockrem

    Photographer Hayley Lockrem captures men in prayer, a posture common to those across time, space, and tradition. 

  • Geometry

    Ruth Dick

    Geometry and symmetry are found in the holy spin of street dancers. A photo by Ottawa Photographer, Ruth Dick.

  • Transcending Connection

    Ruth Dick

    Many moments of transcendence are found in the every day. Ottawa photographer Ruth Dick pays homage to a transcendent connection on the streets of Montreal with her camera lens. 

  • Time's Passage

    Peter Stockland

    The cycle of creation is made manifest in the details of an old motor vehicle gradually being subsumed into the earth. 

  • Kaddish

    Judy Csillag

    Judy Csillag shares a photograph taken by her brother Ron with Convivium viewers and reveals how a place of deep suffering can become holy ground.

  • A Great Gift

    Linda Couture

    Photographer Linda Couture leads the viewer through a contemplation of silence and the sunset. 

  • Oh Canada

    Dave Andrews

    Photographer Dave Andrews brings the people of Carp together to mark Canada Day in the beauty of the Canadian landscape.